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PHYre an innovative technology

PHYre is an innovative recycling process that enables the recycling of production scraps and end-of-life (EoL) Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers from aerospace, automobile, renewable energies and other industries. Based on solvolysis, this technology has many advantages when compared to current recycling solution such as full product recyclability, lower carbon footprint and recovered of high quality carbon fibers. The process is compatible with a large range of thermoplastic and thermoset resins.


Patented Process

The key features of our solvolysis process are patented.

Lower cost

Our operating conditions are optimal to minimize process cost.

High quality

Our process allow to produce a high quality recycled carbon fibers without degradation of their mechanical properties. 

Lower carbon footprint

Thanks to the reuse of some of the chemicals used and the low energy required, PHYre has lower environmental impact than other technologies.

Full recyclability

Besides the fibers, we can recover as well the oligomers present in the matrix as a process by-product.


Our process can suit to a large range of the product and different matrix. PHYre can treat up to 90 % of composite materials. 

The conditions used in the PHYre process allow to :  

Keep 98 %

of Tensile Strength 

Keep the same strain at break as virgin fibers

Preserve the diameter of fibers

Recycled carbon fiber products

After treatment recycled carbon fibers can either be sold directly or reprocessed to obtain a semi-product. We propose different kind of recycled carbon fiber products to suit to our customers' needs.


Long recycled carbon fibers


Woven recycled  fabrics

2019-PHY-TYT-099 SAMPLE B.jpg

Short recycled carbon fibers

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