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Recycling solution for 
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers



Introduction video

PHYre® is an innovative technology developed by Extracthive that reclaims carbon fibers from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers. The process uses a chemical treatment on polymerized composites to degrade the polymeric matrix and recover the fibers. The recycled carbon fibers reclaimed have similar properties of pristine fibers and are a viable solution to be used in applications where high strength-to-weight ratios are required such as sports & leisure and non-structural parts of automobiles, trains and airplanes.
PHYre is an environmentally aware solution to treat CFRP able to provide the market with high quality carbon fibers at a competitive price.


The automotive industry is one the largest sector in use of  composite materials. It continues to develop composites for lightweighting vehicles, driven by fuel economy and emissions regulations. The use of recycled carbon fibers fits the lightweight requirements linked with competitive prices.


PHYre technology in few figures

Since 2016

We have been developing in this 

recycling technology 

3 projects

dedicated to the process optimization 

collaborating with us in Europe

10 partners

300 tons

Our recyling capacity  per year in 2022


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